Conquering the challenge
is our favorite pursuit.

Little design shop. Mighty smart tools.

Gieka is a little design shop that builds brand engagement via digital, print, and human media platforms. We connect via emerging channels, capture with stunning visuals and wow with motion. Our small agency covers big ground with a network of the top industry talent and carry less overhead than the competitors to keep our services affordable. We genuinely care about your success and celebrate the results and friendships in each unique partnership.

…or keep scrolling and get to know Kate, our principal Gieka.

Kate Giebink

Design, Direction and Motion

Birthed into the pursuit of capturing an audience with a big voice, Kate works to build brand engagement via digital, print and human media platforms. Her career has enveloped design and creative direction with specific areas of expertise including web, ux/ui, print, motion, video and photography. She is passionate about continued exploration into emerging platforms and has covered ground from traditional advertising to loyalty marketing, shopper marketing, sporting/outdoors, music, medical, tourism and education. Kate is naked without a camera in hand and alway has her bug out bag filled with essential supplies including bass and microphone should emergency entertainment relief be required. You can catch her live in the local Minneapolis music scene with bands including The Fleetwood Mac Attack and Steeling Dan or sharpening her survival skills in the close company of grizzlies on any big wilderness adventure.

Check out the video to learn more about Kate.

Kate is a bright shining team player,
with energy and talent to keep everyone around her not only energized but super-creative.
She's never had a bad day in her life...and her demeanor shows through in her work!
She's a delight to work with and be around. Great designer, multi-talented and versatile,
and always smiling!

Steve Gordon {Marketing Communications Consultant}

I had the opportunity to work with Kate as both a contractor and as a salaried employee. I found Kate to be resourceful and responsive in her ability to bring creative solutions to strategies. She always kept up on trends that made sure her work was reflective of rapidly changing consumer tastes.

Melvin Tennant, II MA, CAE {Experienced and Innovative Destination Marketing Executive}

Kate created my company logo. I was impressed with her interactive and consultative process. She met with me to better understand the mission and the audience I was trying to reach. She then developed several designs. With each iteration she solicited my feedback and gave further choices and recommendations. I am very pleased with the end design. I recommend Kate for design work, she's got a great eye and is able to incorporate clients' perspectives so the final product is clean, artistic and reflective of the business.

Shayne Fettig {Leadership Assessment for Selection and Development,Coaching, Food Allergy Consulting}

Kate is great to work with — she's a creative thinker with a great attitude and a flexible approach.
I really appreciate her ability to quickly grasp the most important aspects of a project
and deliver on them, on schedule.

Kelly Bartell {Associate Creative Director at Catapult Marketing}

Kate was awesome to work with, definitely has the design and management skills to deliver on any project with any time line. Her experience as a designer shows in leading other designers and projects. I'm glad to have worked with Kate, because if I ever need a go-to-get it done, and done well designer,
I feel most comfortable collaborating or recommending her for work.
It's always good to know great designers and most importantly good people like Kate.

Chad Amon {Designer IBM}

Kate is a creative who really thinks about things from a different point of view and sees other angles to projects that can help a team look at things differently. She's a hard worker who dedicates herself to the tasks she is focused on. She encourages others to think creatively. As a colleague, Kate could liven up the office with her laugh. Or maybe a song (she's also a talented singer). She excelled when she had an opportunity to design something new and fresh. When working on a new logo for our organization with an outside agency, she took what they provided and improved upon it by really understanding the brand we represent. Her mark on that logo will stay with the company (perhaps forever!) in setting our brand identification and style. Overall, Kate will bring ideas and fresh perspective
to whatever tasks are before her.

Kristen Hirsch Montag {Media/Communications Manager}