We have some glorious tools,
the kind that put hair on the chest.

Customized Service

We customize our services to your individual needs and immerse ourselves in your brand to uncover the mediums best suited to engage your audience. Our principal Gieka, Kate Giebink, is available via contract or on a per project basis. No project too small, no project too big, we are inspired by driving results.

Graphic Design

The sketchpad is out and we are not afraid to use it. Design is the core of all we do. It’s not about a pretty picture, it’s creating a concise vision that simply communicates your message to the audience. Smart design that brings a smile is the prize and we guarantee design that speaks to your unique voice and style.

 Web Design & Development

A strong digital presence is essential and we deliver results you can measure. From a competitive analysis, to planning, content, design, and development, we look at the full digital picture. Is your business connecting via social media? Are you answering your audiences needs with your website function and content? Our strategic services in forming fully integrated digital strategy across all channels generates results. 

 Logos & Branding

It all starts with a mission, with a voice and then a little mark that says all you are and hope to be, right? Well yes it actually does and we can help you with the logo but we can help you with much more. Your brand voice is the center of all you do. We work as your partner to achieve the clearest voice across all mediums for a full integration and immersion of brand.

 Motion & Video

The people have spoken and they desire ease and entertainment in their quest for information. Video is key in the strongest of digital presences. It creates opportunity in social engagement and informs your audience in a memorable format. We offer video and animation services that meet the limits of your imagination.

Campaign Strategy

Voice, audience and interaction within key mediums are key components that influence the strongest campaigns. We offer campaign development across multiple media platforms and begin with research and strategy to assist in finding the audience that will make your campaign thrive. Simply put, we create love stories between brand and audience.


Reaching beyond the keyboard, we flow uniquely hand done elements into our designs. Watch us break out the quill to answer your visions quest, shake up the cans for a little street intrigue or whip up some clever info graphics to satisfy your companies annual report.